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Couple Prefers Parkwest, Recommends Covenant HomeCare

Posted on August 9, 2011

Junior and Marilyn Scott of Loudon County do most everything together. Coincidently, they were also both patients at Parkwest Medical Center.

After 31 years of marriage, they will tell you they have been blessed with good health and haven’t required much hospital care. However, two separate events resulted in them being at Parkwest recently.

In April, Junior experienced some chest pain that increased his worry throughout the night. He asked his wife to call 911 and he was immediately taken to the Emergency Care Center at Parkwest.

“I was so worried about him,” said Marilyn. “The responders were kind and allowed me to ride with him in the ambulance so I didn’t have to leave Junior’s side.”

Junior and Marilyn ScottHe was quickly admitted. Testing confirmed that he had significant blockages in several areas of his heart that would require him to have four bypasses in open heart surgery.

They were able to get him home and quickly settle back into their routines together, just before Marilyn broke her leg.

“We were expecting company to visit at our home one day after church. When I got up from my chair to answer the door, I fell,” said Marilyn.

They called 911 and requested to be taken to Parkwest because they were pleased with the level of care Junior received. Results confirmed that she had broken her femur bone just below her hip and would require surgery.

“They took really good care of her,” said Junior. “From the moment we arrived, she got what she needed and they kept her as comfortable as possible. She got all she needed at the touch of a button.”

To aid with her recovery, her care team arranged for her to have Covenant HomeCare visit their home to provide her physical therapy.

“HomeCare was just as good to me in my home as the care I received at Parkwest,” said Marilyn. “I would definitely recommend them.”

She is now able to get around her home again with Junior, who is always nearby to lend a hand whenever she needs one.

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