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HomeCare Concept

Covenant HomeCare is dedicated to satisfying and educating our customers and our employees. We strive to meet our purpose through innovative technology and advanced treatment methods. It is our ongoing goal to advance home care as a highly respected healthcare service. In this era of rising costs, we are committed to providing excellent healthcare by using our community’s resources wisely. Our commitment to excellence has produced an outstanding team of professionals dedicated to our purpose.

Eligibility for Admission

To be eligible for home health services, the patient must:

  • Be under a plan of care established by a physician
  • Require skilled nursing services on an intermittent basis and/or physical therapy, speech language pathology or a continuing need for occupational therapy
  • Be homebound

Definition of Homebound

The definition of homebound is that a patient is essentially confined to the home because of the effects of illness or injury. This does not mean the patient must be bedridden, but leaving the home must be a considerable and taxing effort, and usually require supportive devices such as a cane, wheelchair, or the help of another person. The patient may leave the home if absences are infrequent, for periods of short duration or to receive health care treatment.

Scope of Covenant HomeCare

To assist you in your transition to independent care, our team of professionals can provide either basic assistance or highly specialized care. We work closely with you and your physician to determine your needs. Services include skilled nursing services, rehabilitation services, medical social services, and mental health services. Covenant HomeCare is Medicare certified and CHAP accredited.

We strive to provide the highest quality patient care using technology and advanced treatment methods. Our staff uses laptop computers for documentation and to enhance our ability to keep your information current and confidential. This technology enables our staff to access your current home care information. If we need to contact your physician from your home or you need to call our staff after hours, you can be assured that we have access to your medical history and treatment information.