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Hope Center

hope center with covenant


We make every effort to provide a context for hope through advocating, educating and addressing the individual needs of those affected by HIV and other life-altering illnesses.

The Hope Center’s journey began for people who were infected and affected by HIV. The original home for the Hope Center was on 7North of Fort Sanders Rgional Medical Center to treat the needs of the inpatient clients of Hope Center. The program has adapted to the ever changing needs of the HIV community and therefore has moved off Lake Brook Blvd in West Knoxville. The Hope Model of care created in 1996 continues to be the essence of care for the Center’s services. 

Hope Center provides, at no charge, caring support and assistance to all individuals and families living with HIV.  Inpatients, outpatients, people relocating to this area or newly diagnosed individuals have a safe, non-stigmatizing place to feel encouraged, valued, and also have a voice.  Calls to Hope Center are made by patients, physicians, staff, community hospitals, or agencies.

Contact Us – Please call to schedule your appointment.

3001 Lake Brook Blvd, Suite 103
Knoxville, TN 37909

We are off KAT Bus Route 90 at the intersection of Middlebrook Pike and Lake Brook Blvd.