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Hope Center

Hope Center’s mission is to provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to the HIV community at no cost to the client. The goal is to increase access to care, and to decrease stigma and raise awareness. We are committed to providing a safe and judgment-free environment for persons infected or affected by HIV. 

Hope Center’s staff work with community-based organizations, provider networks, hospitals, and physician offices to ensure that the HIV community has access to the services they need.

Hope Center’s Services

We offer a wide variety of free services to the HIV community, including: 

  • Consultation and referral to healthcare providers to assist newly diagnosed or returning patients in locating medical and social services
  • Coordination with community organizations to assist in locating essential services
  • Educational workshops for the HIV-positive community, supportive service providers, and medical personnel
  • Assistance with enrolling in or making changes to insurance, including Medicare, TennCare, and private or other insurance options
  • Counseling and disease education
  • Emergency support services for those who qualify 

Hope Center’s History

Hope Center’s journey began for people who were infected and affected by HIV in 1996. The original home for Hope Center was on the 7th floor of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, where the medical team focused on providing excellent inpatient care to individuals with HIV. Since its beginning, Hope Center has provided caring support and assistance to all individuals and families living with HIV, free of charge. 

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment, please call (865) 525-1540.