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Open Enrollment

Posted on October 31, 2017

Open Enrollment for ACA

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is open from  November 1, 2017 – December 15, 2017 . If you are currently enrolled in an ACA insurance plan you must enroll again to continue your insurance for 2018.  Anyone who is needing insurance and would like to enroll or re-enroll please call Lori at Hope Center to schedule an appointment.  (865) 374-0870

For those enrolling for the first time or if you are re-enrolling, please plan about 1 hour for your appointment. You also will need to bring a couple of items along with you:

  • 1 month worth of proof of income  – or
  • Your most recent tax statement – and
  • Your Social Security number

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Lori at 865-374-0870.